MRP LightPulser

Ultrafast VCSEL/LED triggered Light Source

These custom build and individually characterized light sources offer a compact and affordable solution for ultrafast illumination applications. Using LEDs, nearly arbitrary wavelengths can be realized with sub-ns timing precision. In conjunction with 850nm VCSELs, light curves as short as 100 ps are achieved. The light source is attached via a SMA breakout board, so that different sources can be used with the same module. Biasing of the electric drive pulse allows for intensity modulation.

Developed and designed by https://mrongen.de/


- VCSEL/LED light source

- 370 - 850 nm available

- Light curves from 100 ..1000 ps

- up to 25 kHz

- Interchangeable light modules

- Individual characterization of light source

- SMA connector

- USB interface

Documents and Downloads:

Data sheet pdf
Scientific paper on MRP pdf
Characterization of light source (sample) pdf
Part No. Wavelength Pulse range Biasing Repitition rate Connector Interface Dimensions
MRP-850V-100-SMA 850 nm 100 ..1000 ps -2.5 ..0.7 V < 25 kHz SMA USB 145 x 78 x 43 mm



QPMoptics is a scientific software which is able to simulate any experimental setup based on photon pair creation by spontaneous parametric down-conversion in periodically poled crystals. Moreover, our software is able to optimise experimental parameters for the sake of high down-conversion efficiency and quantum performance. Given the optional input of any relevant individual experimental setup, the large number of output parameters and plots and the user-friendly intuitive graphical user interface, this software can be a helpful tool to any experimentalist who uses the quasi-phase-matching technique to generate collinearly propagating photon pairs.


- Simulates photon-pair generation in seven different crystals
(including ppKTP and ppLN)

- Gaussian and sech2 pulses as well as customised laser spectrum

- Gaussian and rectangular bandpass filtering

- Phase-matching conditions, poling periodicity, temperature tuning

- Refractive indices, group delay and temporal walk-off

- Spectral distribution of generated photons

- Schmidt number, purity and Hong-Ou-Mandel visibility

- Optimises crystal length and pump spectrum for maximal purity

- 36 different plots, 43 different numerical results

- Purchase of one licence to unlock the current and any future version

Documents and Downloads:

Applications, Links pdf
Handbook pdf
Software Demo pdf
v1.1 (key required) pdf
Part No. Type Language Operating System Key Note Release Size
QPMoptics Software English Windows, 64-bit USB License Dongle MATLAB runtime R2013B (8.2) is required 1.0 30.6 MB

Time Tagging Module

8 Channel Time to Digital Converter

The Time Tagging Module TTM8000 is an 8 channel time-to-digital converter. It can be used to measure the exact timing of events on up to 8 digital signals for a wide range of logic families by assigning a 64 bit timestamp to each incoming signal. The time resolution depends on the selected measurement mode (free running at 82.3ps, down to 1ps). These digital values are sent to a PC over an Ethernet connection for both, on-line evaluation and off-line storage to replay all events offline. Analysis of histograms, two- and multichannel correlations as well as interfaces to program user-defined operations are possible.

This product was developed in cooperation with IQOQI


- 4 measurement modes

- Up to 25 million events per second

- Oven-controlled crystal oscillator for high stability

- User programmable analog and digital I/O

- Variable threshold voltage (for each trigger)

- Gigabit Ethernet

- Ready-to-Use software for Linux and Windows

Documents and Downloads:

Data sheet pdf
Applications, Links pdf
Manual pdf
Software v4.4.5 pdf
Part No. Digital Timing Resolution Data Transfer Rate Event Rate Average Timetag length Measurement Range Start/Stop Mode Counting Mode Connector Interface
TTM8000 8 82.3 ps 1000 Mbit 25M 60 bit unlimited 4 Modes Yes SMB (13) Gigabit Lan (1)

Single Photon Detection Module

Single Photon Counting Module with less than 20 dark counts/s

QD800c-fQ series of Single Photon Counting Modules offers a unique combination of low dark count rates, very low jitter and a fast quenching circuit in a miniature package. The special mechanical design allows a flexible combination with existing systems in the laboratory. Incoming photons generate corresponding electrical pulses which may be conveniently read out at the digital output.

This product was developed by AIT in cooperation with IQOQI


- Low dark rates

- Very low jitter

- Fast quenching circuit

- High detection efficiency (400 nm to 1000 nm)

- digital output pulse (2V) at SMA connector

- Single 5 V DC supply operation

- Compatible with third party adapters

Documents and Downloads:

Data sheet pdf
Data sheet APD C30902SH pdf
Applications, Links pdf
Part No. Timing Resolution Dead Time Range Dark Count Rate Spectral Range Responsivity @830 nm Quantum Efficiency @830 nm Connector
QD800c-fQ-500 300 ps 300 ns <500 counts/s 400-1000 nm 128 A/W 60 % several
QD800c-fQ-50 300 ps 300 ns <50 counts/s 400-1000 nm 128 A/W 60 % several
QD800c-fQ-20 300 ps 300 ns <20 counts/s 400-1000 nm 128 A/W 60 % several
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