The danger posed by laser radiation makes it necessary to use protection filters suited to each specific type of source. Protection goggles for the laser sector fully respect regulations for the safety of operators.
What is more, Univet, in addition to providing a wide range of solutions in its catalogue, is able to develop specific protective filters to meet the requirements of every client. Our team of specialist technicians are on hand to provide advice and assistance.

Univet Laser Safety Goggles

low cost, protection

Part No. Filter Colour VLT Note Data sheet
5X3.03.33.04 Polycarbonate Orange 57.5% protection UV, <525 nm request
5X6.03.00.03 Polycarbonate Yellow 77.5% protection UV, <480 nm request
505U.00.00.19 Polycarbonate Yellow 83.2% protection UV, <525 nm request
5X7L.00.00.651 Polycarbonate Green 42% alignment+protection IR, >750 nm pdf

frame style: 531

Side protection by full frame, adjustable silicone nose bridge and soft touch earpiece
suitable over prescription glasses, case and collar included

Part No. Filter Colour VLT Note Data sheet
531.00.0.311 Polycarbonate Blue 20% protection RED, 190-375 nm: D L4, 620-665 nm: D L4 pdf

frame style: 562H

Part No. Filter Colour VLT Note Data sheet
562H.00.00.301 Polycarbonate Light Blue 32% alignment+protection UV+RED, <380 nm, 592-695 nm pdf
562H.00.00.307 Polycarbonate Pink 22% alignment+protection BLUE+GREEN, 440-570 nm pdf
562H.00.00.309 Polycarbonate Green 42% protection UV+IR, <430 nm, >750 nm pdf
562H.00.00.316 Polycarbonate Dark Green 3.4% protection UV+RED+IR, <315 nm, 575-705 nm, >802 nm pdf
562H.00.00.329 Polycarbonate Dark Orange 22% protection UV-GREEN+IR, <532 nm, >800 nm pdf
562H.00.00.200 Glass Aqua 70% protection UV+IR, <260 nm, >815 nm pdf
562H.00.00.201 Glass Green 40% protection UV+IR, 190-315 nm, 645-1525 nm, >2800 nm pdf

frame style: 559G

Part No. Filter Colour VLT Note Data sheet
559G.00.00.010 Glass Aqua 62% protection UV+IR, <380 nm, >740 nm pdf
MOQ: 1 piece

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