Fiber optic fault locator, made in germany
Compact design for field, industrial, and laboratory use.
Many common connectors supported.
For single mode/multi mode fibers.
Dust cap, transport case, 2x AAA batteries included.

Part No. Wavelength Output Power Ferrule Note Data sheet
Fiberpoint 250 635 nm <1 mW 2.5 mm pulse & cw, 12 x 151 mm request

Pluggable adapters for fiber checkers

3 different adapters are available.

Part No. Note Data sheet
FP-adapter POF for 1.5 and 2.2 mm polymer optical fibers, attenuation <1 dB request
FP-adapter SMA for SMA 905 connector, attenuation <1 dB request
FP-adapter 2.5-1.25 for 1.25 mm connector LC, MU, F3000, attenuation <1 dB request

OEM series

Fiber checker with visible laser diode source. Available wavelength: 650 nm.
Universal connector for most ferrules, pulse and cw- mode switchable.
Complete and ready to use with case.
Ferrule 2.5 mm, 2x AAA batteries

Part No. Wavelength Output Power Ferrule Note Data sheet
FCC-6512-5 650 nm 5 mW 2.5 mm
MOQ: 1 piece

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